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Human Mind and Migration is about you. Add your voice. Be part of the Program. We are interested in your contribution whether you are a student, migrant, researcher, community leader, or corporate executive. With an ever faster changing society, we are all facing a unfamiliar landscape. Join us in a finding a new role, responsibility, and a renewed purpose. 


Whether you moved from California to Oregon, Turkey to America, Italy to Brazil, or Australia to China, you are a migrant. Please take the survey and add your path to the HMM world map. Read the interviews of some fellow travelers.

The survey is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the respondent.



The HMM project offers you an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience by performing independent research and having your findings published on your own landing page (www.hmm.ucsb.edu). As a student contributor you will select and research a contemporary migration path of your choice and interview people on and off your school/university campus. For an example, see https://www.hmm.ucsb.edu/migration/philippines-hong-kong

Please send us an email at info@hmm.ucsb.edu for more information. 

Researchers/Journalists — Community Leaders — Entrepreneurs and Executives

Researchers and journalists:
Do you have research findings and data concerning the human mind or migration to share with the public? We may be able to feature and link to your work. 

Community leaders:
What are your experiences with community programs that have demonstrated community health and wellness. What policies have truly demonstrated a lasting positive cultural, social, and economic change?

Corporate leaders: Have you capitalized on the fast-changing consumer landscape and identified corporate sustainability responsibilities within your company to positively address the planet, people, and profit? 

Let us know about it, so others can learn from your work. 

Send us an email: info@hmm.ucsb.edu.

Support Human Mind and Migration

Help us uncover the stories of the increasing number of people who are affected by migration, focusing on people's contributions to the cultural, social, and economic wealth of their new communities. We’d like to inspire a global dialogue and encourage solutions-based work that improves constructive outcomes for people involved on all sides of the issue.

Your involvement is needed to collect and check data, research and publish stories, uncover valuable findings about migration and the human experience, building a highly community participatory program.

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