Support Human Mind and Migration

Thank you. The Program exists because of you.

Our mission is to uncover and share the stories of the increasing number of people who are affected by migration, focusing on the people's contributions to the cultural, social, and economic wealth of their new communities. We’d like to inspire a global dialogue and encourage solutions-based work that improves constructive outcomes for people involved on all sides of the issue. 

Your involvement is needed to collect and check data, research and publish stories, uncover valuable findings about migration and the human experience, building a highly community participatory program.

A (tax-deductible) gift to UCSB supports the overall programming of the Human Mind and Migration project, including education, and the universty internship program.  

Please see below for more details about the immediate needs to propel the Program. Feel free to contact us at to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or if you’d like to host a future exhibition or performance.


Results of Our Research, Explorations, and Learning

At project termination, we expect to deliver a diverse suite of interviews, presentations, and performances for communicating our investigative outcomes and creative expressions about migration and the human mind. The objective is to encourage curiosity and conversations among communities facing human movement.

The Program servers as a hub for thought, discussion, understanding, and uncovering solutions within the theme of migration, human experience, belonging, and community.

With global collaborators, we are creating:

- An online platform in the form of a website. Students can express their findings on migration paths and the public can read and learn about others facing migration and share their own migration experiences and stories. The Program's ideas and research outcomes will translate into dance, music, visual art, and technology — an installation with an interactive map creating visual summaries.

- Human Mind and Migration world map could be constructed from interactive layers showing:

  • Migrations of arts, culture, music, and food
  • Migration seen through the eyes of our students and collaborative partners and public
  • Projections of future migrations (due to climate change, etc.)

- Performances: community organizations can unpack our work and gather their own community to debate and connect to other communities thorugh this global Program.

We are working with award-winning musicians to express people's movements and experiences — support a new anthem for the world. 

Students have found menaingful employment even in the midst of COVID-19. The program's applied learning and networking is key in placement. 

In 2021, we are co-creating with students from the newspaper Messaggero Veneto in Italy, offering UCSB and Italian students continuous cultural connections and learnings even during a global pandemic.