Migration Paths - Digital Nomads

By Joanne Sun Mun and Laic Beugre 

What began as a research project stemmed out of pure interest evolved to creating a zine that investigates interdisciplinary concepts such as philosophy, religion, neuroscience, migration, and design. This issue is dedicated to the exploration of how digital nomads experience migration. Our contemporary digital driven society propelled a multitude of remote career opportunities. Now more than ever, individuals are escaping to become digital nomads. We aim to discover how their way of life affects their identity and influences society as a whole by questioning the spiritual, mental, ethical, and societal issues relating to this unconventional, yet desirable way of life. 

As philosophy majors, we aimed to conduct research as to how philosophical concepts such as transcendentalism and thought-experiments can be explored in digital nomadism. We conducted multiple of global interviews with digital nomads, scholars, writers, and more to uncover depth to this subculture. With Joanne's background as an art major, we decided to design a zine that translates the digital era onto paper.

If you would like a PDF copy of the magazine, please send Joanne an email here. She would be more than happy to share.